Teaching Experience

Pannasastra University of Cambodia (2005-08)

Alvin was a Lecturer at Pannasastra University of Cambodia. He taught:

HUM 110 Introduction to Humanities
PHIL 110 Logic and Critical Thinking
PHIL 210 Introduction to World Philosophy
PHIL 312 Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 313 Plato and the Beginning of Philosophy
PHIL 315 Philosophy and Society

The University of Hawaii at Manoa (2008-11)

Alvin was a Teaching Assistant and a Lecturer at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He taught:

POLS 190 Media and Politics
POLS 305 Topics in Global and Comparative Politics
POLS 307B Topics in Comparative Politics: Southeast Asia in Comparative Perspective
POLS 315 Global Politics & International Relations
POLS 341 Politics of Media

The American University of Nigeria (2011-14)

At the American University of Nigeria, Alvin was an Assistant Professor. He taught:

CIV 201 Middle-Eastern and Asian Civilizations
CIV 211 Special Topics in Middle-Eastern and Asian Civilizations: Buddhist Civilizations
GEN 101 Freshman Seminar
ICP 225 Politics of Modern Asia
ICP 301 Topics in Comparative Politics: China in Africa
ICP 325 Great Power Politics in Asia
ICP 332 International Political Economy
ICP 333 International Relations Theory
ICP 401 Advanced Topics in Comparative Politics: China in Africa
ICP 431 Advanced Topics in International Relations: Critical International Relations
ICP 444 Political Economy of Globalization
ICP 477 Peace Studies and Political Violence